Holy Cross Church

140 East Mount Airy Avenue

Philadelphia, PA 19119

Alumni/Alumnae Page

As with every non-profit organization today, our survival depends solely upon our current members and their generosity from week to week.  It is a sad fact that within our changing culture and populations, our parishes have drastically felt the effects both within the actual worshiping congregation and on our bottom line.

Every organization depends upon continuous streams of revenue to realize financial obligations and when those streams cease to exist or are dramatically stressed, it becomes increasingly difficult to continue.  This is not news to anyone.  All of us feel the economic pressures whenever the country takes a hit financially.

The purpose for this page is obvious:  an attempt to reach out to former members of both parishes who may have been blessed financially and are in a position to help their former parishes.

Both Holy Cross and St. Madeleine's have rich histories in regards to their schools.  St. Madeleine's had to close their doors back in 1981 while Holy Cross continues to reinvent itself for the past 98 years!  However, with the decline in the number of Roman Catholics in our area, Holy Cross school is operating more as an Evangelization Center, offering a Catholic Education to students whose religious affiliation is not Roman Catholic.  In fact, our current enrollment is 8-10 percent Roman Catholic while the other 90-92 percent come from other Christian denominations.

If you are a former member of Holy Cross Parish or Saint Madeleine Sophie Parishes and are able to help us out financially, your generosity is greatly appreciated.  Perhaps you might be interested in helping us form and establish respective parish alumni/alumnae organizations.

Since both parishes are twinned (one administration with individual identities) we have one main office for both parishes located at St. Madeleine Sophie.

Our address is:

6440 Greene Street
Philadelphia, PA 19119